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"Messaging On Hold" is cost effective, informative marketing... that helps to turn your Callers... into Customers!!!


First impressions can last forever! While most businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising in different forms of media, trying to attract customers to contact them... many actually forget to spend any money on the impression they will present... once that customer actually calls.

You wouldn’t have your businesses showroom floor or reception area looking untidy and messy, because it’s creates a bad impression, as it’s the first thing your customers would see… so isn’t it about time you cared about what your customers will hear as well?
While on hold you have your callers’ complete attention, a captive audience. By providing positive information that’s directly related to your business products and services during those wasted 'hold' time periods, helps create a great impression and importantly can help create extra orders for your business. You could consider it as your 'best sales person’ who is continually working for you, 24/7, everyday of the year! Further, you could have an alternative message for night switch, or the fist call comes in during the day then after 5 ring’s if unanswered goes to a custom made MOH message, i.e “Thanks for calling “Business name”, your call is important to us and have been placed on hold and we will be with you shortly.Did you know we offer.......blah...blah.....and have a special on this month.....we will be with you shortly as your call is important to us, meanwhile playing comfort music in the background. Further if the call is not answered after a certain amount of rings they could have another message or be transferred to a place where they could leave a message.

Unfortunately, many businesses are missing simple, yet crucial branding opportunities when simply having silence or playing a random radio station on hold. The quickest and easiest way to fix this up is by adding Music On Hold to your business from a business that understands the On Hold Industry and know how to transform your On Hold space.Having said that, it is illegal to broadcast the radio as MOH (unless you have a broadcast licence),other factors when using the radio is that people on hold can be listening to advertisements from your competitive business.

Having a unique custom made MOH message designed for your business will build your customer base an generate further income.

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