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HD Wireless Headset

The World’s Best Wireless Headset for the Office

The HD WirelessTM Headset, developed by Polaris Communications, has been specifically designed for the office, combining excellence in communication with the freedom to move away from your desk. This convertible headset keeps the essential call controls at your fingertips, both at your desk and away from it, and allows busy workers to multitask during a call.

hwd-lifted-with ear-hook

  • New Business Telephone Systems
  • Refurbished Phone Systems
  • Call Savings – Phone Plans saving your business money while offering a quality service. Compare have your phone plan assessed today !
  • Additional Handsets
  • Relocation of handsets/fax’s/EFTPOS/Cordless Phones etc
  • Full System Re locations with minimal downtime and interuption
  • Mode 3 Connections for Alarm Systems
  • Connections of new lines from your Telstra MDF to Device
  • Accessories including Corded, Cordless and Bluetooth Headsets, Cordless Phones attached to your Phone System, and Long Range Cordless Phones
  • Conference Phones for your Boardroom
  • Data (Computer) and Phone Cabling. You may require 1 x Outlet or 4000+ & Data/Comms Cabinets
  • Fibre Optic Cabling
  • Battery Back Up and Surge Protection from seasonal Storms (Protection)
  • Help & solutions for many other areas with communication, networks, cabling & connection issues !


hwd-lifted-with ear-hook hwd-lifted-with ear-hook hwd-lifted-with ear-hook

Longest Talk Time

Your headset battery will last all day. 13+ hours talk time in narrowband mode and 9+ hours in wideband mode.

Lightweight Convertible Headset

Designed for maximum comfort - ear hook and headband styles available.

Up to 150m Wireless Range

Enables you to move away from your desk during a call.

Remote Call Control

Answer and end calls while away from your desk up to 150m away from your desk.

Unsurpassed Acoustic Protection

Total protection from sudden and unexpected loud noises and high pitched sounds as well as long term noise exposure.

Touch Pairing

Instant headset recognition makes for hassle-free and effortless pairing.

Multi-unit Conferencing

Easily conduct conference calls or wireless training. Up to 4 headsets can be included in a conference call.


Plug and play wireless headset solution. Desk-phone, PC or Mac.